Homework From September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the feedback on previously set homework we have made adjustments and this year we are hoping that the changes we have made take on board your comments, drive children’s achievements and raise pupils interest in learning.

The homework priority is to always complete the weekly homework basics of learning sounds, reading, practising spellings, number facts and times tables (Y2 upwards).  If this is completed it really does make a difference by boosting children’s confidence and embedding essential skills.  It is important that all children read at least three times a week – more is a bonus and we are rewarding this effort in class.  Please sign in the home-school links book to indicate that the reading homework has been completed.  Encouraging your child with their homework will support their progress at school and develop good routines for learning at home as they grow up.  To get the best outcomes, try and choose a good time to complete the task, a suitable space that is quiet and most of all make it fun and offer plenty of praise for effort as well as the end result.

In addition to the non-negotiable daily homework tasks, children have been given a pink book to decorate.  This is for the themed optional extra homework which will be introduced throughout the year.  Each teacher will lead one of these homework projects which will be linked to a special event and curriculum subject. They will be launched via an assembly to all of the children and the details of the homework project will be provided on a sticker in the pink book.  Further information will be provided on the newsletter and the school website homework page http://kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk/homework/

The projects will vary over the year and the aim is to provide a range of additional learning activities to broaden knowledge and interests. All children from Nursery to Year 4 will follow the same homework theme but the tasks will be tailored to suit the age of the children.  We will issue the homework on a Thursday and the date for the return deadline will be made clear on the sticker.  Depending on the nature of the task, you may present work in the pink book but sometimes this may not be possible for instance if you have made a model.

We aim to release these additional homework tasks one by one at evenly spread out intervals over the year, by doing this we hope it has made homework more manageable for parents and children to find time to fit it in. We also hope that for parents with more than one child this has eased some pressure by having the same whole school theme.  The icing on the cake would be to create some household excitement about homework, at school we intend to create a real whole school buzz!  So we will look forward to seeing your child’s efforts as homework is returned to school, good luck and most of all enjoy.

All children who take time and effort to complete these extra tasks will be awarded with a new special homework sticker.

Best wishes, Mrs Butler

Remembrance Day Homework

Date for returning - Monday 22nd November 2021


As it is Remembrance Day this week, the children have watched an assembly about the meaning of Remembrance Day and the importance of poppies.

Miss Day is setting everybody a challenge -

EYFS - Create a picture or a model of a poppy or a poppy wreath.

KS1 - Create a picture or model of a poppy or a poppy wreath and research why we wear poppies.

KS2 - Write a poem about poppies. This could be an acrostic poem, shape poem or any poem of your choosing. There is an acrostic poem template below if you would like to use it. You could decorate your poem too!

I can't wait to see your amazing artwork and poetry, so get creative!

If your child has enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day, you may wish to complete some of these additional activities:

Many thanks for your support!

Space Week

Date for returning - Monday 18th October 2021


This week is Space Week!  In school the children have watched an assembly about Space and the 8 planets in our Solar System.

Mrs Gray is setting everybody a challenge -

EYFS - Draw, colour or paint a picture of the solar system.

KS1 - Make a poster showing what you know about the solar system.

KS2 - Research the solar system.  Show what you find out in an information leaflet or a fact file.

You might find this information useful


I can't wait to see your amazing ideas so get busy and enjoy!

If your child has enjoyed learning about the solar system, they may enjoy these additional activities.

Class Homework Email Addresses

Little Ladybirds - homeworkll@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Clever Caterpillars - homeworkcc@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Busy Bees - homeworkbbe@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Charming Cheetahs - homeworkcch@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Terrific Tigers - homeworktt@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Learning Lions - homeworklli@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Perfect Panthers - homeworkpp@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Wise Owls - homeworkwo@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Super Squirrels - homeworkss@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

Brilliant Badgers -  homeworkbb@kingsfield.staffs.sch.uk

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