Multiplication Test

The multiplication check gives the children a series of 25 questions all involving their times table (all multiply not divide). This is an online check and can be completed on an IPad, computer or laptop. For each question children will have 6 seconds to read, work out and type their answer before the next question […]

Assessment in Mathematics

  At Kingsfield, Maths is assessed regularly and monitored on the school tracking system three times a year. However, children’s progress is continually reviewed, from the moment they begin their lesson, to the implementation through cross curricular links to make a well-rounded judgments and to allow movement between ability groups, to ensure planning and lessons […]

Mathematical Vocabulary

  At Kingsfield, we understand that mathematical language is crucial to children’s mathematical thinking so we introduce new words from the curriculum in a suitable context, with relevant real objects, mathematical apparatus, pictures and/or diagrams, explaining their meanings carefully. Key vocabulary used in a unit of work are displayed on the Maths working walls to […]

Teaching of Mathematics

      At Kingsfield, across Key Stage 1 and 2, Mathematics is immersed into the curriculum and is taught daily in a Maths lessons which is predominantly taught in the morning and through cross curricular links where possible to embed knowledge and skills. As stated within our intent, at Kingsfield we teach Mathematics through […]

Teaching of Early Mathematics

  At Kingsfield, Mathematics is immersed into the curriculum and is taught within guided groups or embedded within the continuous provision at least once a day and links can be made cross the curriculum throughout the day. Below gives you more information to what Mathematics looks like in each year group.   Children are assessed […]