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Starting Nursery

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Please read our 30 hour guidance carefully and contact the school office if you have any questions regarding the 30 hour funding application process.

30 hours Nursery Free Entitlement

If your child is not eligible for the additional 15 hours funding and you would like them to stay for an extra morning or afternoon session, you may book these if places are available for a charge of £12.12 per session.

For more information talk to our Nursery Team

Please note -places are subject to availability and need to be regular

Nursery - Mrs. Romano - Our Lady of Peace School - Lynbrook, NY

Please see information below to help you and your child prepare for starting Nursery

I am ready for Nursery checklist

Preparing for Nursery 2

Preparing for Nursery

Starting Reception

Children will be admitted in September of the academic year in which they become four years old. It is the County Council’s policy to try and meet parents’ wishes where possible, however in some cases there may be more applications for a particular setting than there are places.

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